Are you doing DTG t-shirt printing?

I am a local Plymouth photographer and I've started an Etsy shop with printed photographs, but want to use my images on t-shirts and hesitate to use the 'fulfilment' printer companies that integrate with the shop as they cost too much & other reasons, like terrible reviews.

Can you give me a price for one t-shirt and a price for 50 t-shirts? I can supply the t-shirt blanks, but Please give me a price for you supplying a Quality 100% cotton mens t-shirts as well as a price if I supply it?

Regarding the 50 t-shirt price, please understand that they will not likely be the same t-shirt design, but probably many different designs. The price you give for 50 t-shirts should be for YOU supplying a high quality 100% cotton blank and also a price for ME supplying the same.

Many thanks, and I wait for your reply. I hope to get this started soon!