We are looking to find a printing solution for a new company in Redcar as per the below specifications:
Current monthly color and black and white volumes:
.- COLOR: 0, BLACK AND WHITE: ~30,000 pages

Current number of users?
.-2 (expected to be 3 or 4 this 2021)

Paper Size?
.- A4 Sized. Also will need to print mailing labels

Any unique jobs or work that you send out to print?
.- YES. Will discuss with the vendor if needed but looking to do this internally with these printers. No need of fax, Email scan, automatic stapler or punch.

Lease or Purchase?
.- Open to both purchase and lease. Open to all options on lease. The main requirement is that we need 24-hour on-site support/replacement if there is an issue. We also need the option to have them include inkā€¦ though it would be nice to see pricing for ink from them and ink, not from them.

Many thanks in advance for your answer and best regards,